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upside-down -- lost in beach guard technology brain control error(s)

... the artist as an old man who failed to set the world on its head -- travelling together in search for the top of the world upside-down ...

... just after meeting my wife, she went for a short trip. I decided to collect her in Germany, after which we started our (ongoing) relation. Standing on my hands in a park in the south of Germany, I told her that I would like to travel the world, to perform and record handstands in many different places, turning the world upside-down everywhere, as a work of art. In the progression of our relationship this original idea has been partly realized (implicitly) Now, with the festival -- impossible artwork -- seems the proper moment to realize the original concept more explicitly by travelling to various places, e.g. New York, to search for suitable heights and turn the world upside-down, in a modern urban context.

During our necessarily budget-restricted travels, I often dreamed of doing my exercise on the rooftop of one of the luxury hotels, such as the Hilton. Now, with appropriate support, there finally seems to be an opportunity to realize this dream.

[WORK]: ... upside-down ...

Anton & Yiwen Eliens

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impossible artworks is an initiative of Viola van Alphen